Moving Home?

Our team of mortgage advisors have put together a list to help your move go smoothly

Label It!

When moving, boxes appear in their droves, and if left unidentified, moving day can be a whole lot more confusing than it needs to be. Label all boxes with the room they need to be in, and be sure to write what’s inside.

Protect The Floors

When moving boxes, furniture and appliances, hardwood floors often fall victim to moving day. Ensure that any floor coverings that could become damaged are protected. Used cardboard boxes, laid flat can often help.

Deal With Old Post

No doubt when you open the door on move day, you will be met with a barrage of old mail, some of it junk but some of it important mail for the previous owners. Legally you can’t open it and you shouldn’t through it away. The best way to deal with this and all mail that will no doubt continue to be delivered for the previous occupants is to write ‘Return to Sender’ or ‘Not Known At This Address’ and pop the mail back into the post box. Generally there will be a sender address on the envelope so that the mail can reach the person sending it for them to look for a new address or stop sending to your property.

Keep Screws Together

We’ve all got one piece of furniture with a missing screw, admit it! In order to make sure this doesn’t happen as a result of moving day, keep nuts, bolts, screws and small fixing together in a freezer bag, labelled with the piece of furniture they go with. That way when it comes to re-assembly, you know where everything is.

Check Your Energy Provider

If you manage to take a break on moving day, give your current energy provider a call. The company that the previous owner used for their energy may not be the most competitive for your families usage.
Using comparison sites can often give you a glimpse into what deals may be available, especially if you are moving from a bigger or smaller property, your usage is going to be very different.

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