There’s much to love about a new-build property: it’s warm, the appliances work and you’re first to live there. These are eleven things you’ll recognise if you move into one.

1. You’re The First In the Door

You might have had to stretch your budget and empty your savings, particularly as new builds often carry a premium, but it’s a great feeling to step into your beautifully finished home and know that you’re the first lucky owner to live there.

2. You Can Unpack Immediately

Forget living out of storage boxes while you frantically repair a tumbledown house – a smart new build is ready to move into straightaway. Hurrah!

3. The Decor Consists of Wall-To-Wall Magnolia

There’s no getting away from that sea of soft pink when you buy a new build. The upside? This soothing blank canvas means there’s no need to decorate your house immediately. Take your time choosing the right paint palette and designing your ideal scheme or, if you’re a fan of neutrals, simply leave it be.

4. For Once, Everything Works!

After the stress of moving house, an array of fully functioning, high-spec appliances is a welcome relief. The built-in oven and hob are shiny and clean, the washing machine has a manual, the heating goes on first time and you can step into a lovely hot shower without navigating a plumbing puzzle. If you’ve ever lived in a house that seems to be on a constant round of repairs, this is true new-build joy.

5. It’s Full of Sociable Spaces

Not only does the lack of DIY mean that you can reclaim your weekends, but new builds are also typically built to accommodate modern living. Awkward, misshapen rooms be gone – a new build’s light-filled, well-proportioned rooms are ideal for family living.

6. There Are No Nasty Surprises

It has to be said, owners of period properties can be sneaky when it comes to selling up – covering stains with a strategically placed rug or positioning furniture to hide damp are inevitable. Thanks to having no previous homeowners, with a new build what you see is what you get.

7. You Don’t Have To Deal With This

Dated fittings, dodgy DIY and painful-to-remove panelling are scourges reserved for pre-owned homes, so you can rejoice in never having to live with an avocado bathroom suite or Eighties kitchen units.

8. You’re Not At War With Your Garden

You know it’ll be a while before your garden matures, but for now you’re happy with a simple rectangular lawn, a patio and fencing. Not only is it summer barbeque-ready, but there’s still plenty of time to make the garden your own. Plus, you don’t have overgrown beds and unruly mystery plants to contend with.

9. It’s Always Warm And Cosy

When winter comes, you can close those double-glazed windows and doors and put the central heating on, cosily sheltered from the chill of wind and rain. New-build homes are well insulated and energy efficient, saving money on utility bills, too.

10. You Can Enjoy a Whole New Neighbourhood

If you’re one of the first to move into a new development you may not have any next-door neighbours just yet, but it’s a great time to be excited for the start of a new little community!

11. Your House Comes With a Welcome Pack

A welcome pack? Who knew! Forget painstakingly figuring out how the fiddly oven works – you’ll get all the new manuals for your appliances, which you can even register as your own.

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